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Cradle of Love Baby home is situated in Usa River Tanzania. It was founded in 2003 by an American woman Davina Church who saw a need for maternal health. In Tanzania there is a variety of health issues for mothers and babies that may lead to death during pregnancy or labour. If a mother dies and there is no wet nurse, the father or relatives cannot afford formula, a nursing infant would soon die from malnutrition and this is where Cradle of Love steps in to help. The babies are loved and cared for until they are weaned and can go home to a family member. The facility caters for up to 35 children, ranging in age from newborns to three. The home relies on private donations and is need for major repairs to the roof, general maintenance and painting inside and out. Obtaining baby formula is a constant problem financially as well as wages. A Rotary District grant was applied for and was successful

Cradle of Love »

Erina Rotary Club first became involved with Cradle of Love in 2013 when we set up a RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) project, Sustainable Small Scale Farming, growing the wonder food, chia. Some profits from the growing of the chia went towards Cradle of Love. Monica Hart, Past President of the Rotary Club of Erina, is the project manager.

Donations towards Cradle of Love can be made through RAWCS and are tax-deductible.

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