Ageing Well Survey Recruitment

Chloe Waddell is currently working on her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Psychology at Federation University Australia. Chloe is supervised by Dr George Van Doorn, Dr Garry Power, and Associate Professor Dixie Statham, who each have a wealth of research experience. Chloe’s project, which has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee, Federation University, focuses on the topic of Ageing Well. Specifically, what does it mean to age well in today’s Australia? At present, we do not have a consistent definition of ‘ageing well’, and this makes it difficult for policies, programs, and organisations to support older Australians to age well. Chloe is looking to develop a definition based on the perspectives of older Australians (65 years+). To do so, she needs to understand what factors may contribute to, or act as a barrier for, ageing well. As we connected with our community, the Erina Rotary Club has agreed to share materials on our website to help with Chloe’s research. Below is a link to the Ageing Well Survey.

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